What abandoned olympic venues look like today

Hosting the Olympics is always considered a blessing to a country. For businesses in hotel, restaurant, and transport industries, Christmas comes early with Olympics. The constructions and renovations that take place in anticipation for the event require enormous resources. If the recently concluded Rio Olympics is anything to go by, the outcome of Olympics could bring nothing short of disaster. According to a CNN report, the Rio Olympics were a huge disappointment to businesses and the economy of Brazil. The event simply consumed more than it delivered to the Brazilians not to talk about the number of people that were displaced to carter for the event. Well, if you thought Rio was the only messed up place after the Olympics, be easy knowing that they certainly aren’t alone. A look at the previous venues is disappointing with the only good thing being work for the rubbish removal companies.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics Venue

The Beijing Olympics venue has been left in ruins after the 2008 games. Lack of maintenance

and desertion can clearly be seen from the photo.

Athens Olympics Venue

The colorful 2012 Olympic Games venue at Faliro Complex would not be imagined to turn out

to be this way less than a decade later. Overgrown weeds and unmaintained buildings are a clear sign of abandonment of venue.

Sarajevo Winter Olympics Venue

The Boston Olympics venue was initially used as military quarters during the war.

Pictured is Bobsled track which is today being used by bikers for training and the walls turned into graffiti zones.

Although there are a number of deserted Olympic venues, some states such as South Africa and the UK have maintained and even improved these historic spots. There is no doubt that if nothing is done about the deplorable state of some of the Olympic venues, 30 - 40 years down the line, there won’t be any history for the coming generations.